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The Mindfulness Practice Community of Houston (MPC-Houston) is a community of lay practitioners inspired by the tradition of Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh (Plum Village). The community, formed originally under the name Dharma Rain, was founded in January 1997 by three members of the Order of Interbeing, (Tiep Hien Order.) The purpose of the sangha (a Sanskrit word for community) is to support each other in learning to live with awareness.

The practice of mindfulness helps alleviate suffering and allows us more joy in our lives. By practicing together, our mindfulness becomes more solid, relaxed, and joyful. We practice with understanding, openness, and a receptive heart. We welcome everyone who wishes to learn the art of meditation and mindful living regardless of race, ethnic or cultural origin, gender, religious practice, or sexual orientation.

Fall Retreat with Michael Ciborski

October 22–25
Our retreat with Dharma teacher Michael Ciborski. Download the registration form Pdf.

Registrations have begun to arrive. In order to reserve the type of room you want, please register soon. In the women's dorm, all of the rooms with private baths are already reserved.

Weekly Sittings

SUNDAY 6:00–8:00 PM
The Mindfulness Practice Community of Houston meets on Sunday evenings from 6:00–8:00 PM at 1712 Fairview (rear building, please enter through the courtyard door). Our usual program consists of an hour of sitting and walking meditation, chanting and incense offering, and the program for the evening.
In the spirit of mindfulness, please arrive in time to be seated before the first period of meditation begins at 6:00 PM.

Program Schedule

During this month we will continue our exploration of the foundational insights of Buddhism with the Four Establishments of Mindfulness

To read the Trainings before our meeting, please go to the-14-mindfulness-trainings

Aug. 2 Day of Mindfulness from 9:30 to 3:30. There will be no evening meeting today.

Aug. 9 Recitation and discussion of the Fourteen Mindfulness Trainings.

Aug. 16 The Four Establishments of Mindfulness, Section V. Observation of the Objects of the Mind in the Objects of the Mind: “Overcoming Guilt and Fear

Aug. 23 The Four Establishments of Mindfulness, Section V. Observation of the Objects of the Mind in the Objects of the Mind: “"Sowing Seeds of Peace”

Aug. 30 Beginning Anew: Finding Peace and Connection in Relationships.To begin anew is to look deeply and honestly at ourselves, our past actions, speech, and thoughts and to create a fresh beginning within ourselves and in our relationships with others. We practice Beginning Anew to clear our mind and keep our practice fresh.